About us

We are a camping ministry that helps campers come to know Christ and to develop daily habits of Christian living.

Saguaro Camp Cedarbrook

By participating in Christ-centered outdoor programs, campers develop positive self-concepts, experience God’s beautiful creation, explore His Word and build meaningful relationships with staff members and other campers.

Saguaro Camp Cedarbrook is a non-profit camp staffed entirely by volunteers.

We run two separate camps, one for girls and one for boys, during the same week at a spacious camp facility in Prescott Arizona. Campers and staff live together in small groups for the week of camp. Campers learn new skills and enjoy a wide selection of age appropriate activities led by certified staff. Saguaro Camp Cedarbrook is an interdenominational camp which welcomes any girls or boys age 7 (or going into 2nd grade) through high school.

Most children are motivated to return to camp year after year because they know it is “fun” non-stop.  The Saguaro Camp Cedarbrook (SCC) program staff plans spiritual and fun themes that interest campers as well as staff.  We feel SCC’s sound philosophy and goals have made our volunteer camp a success for over 50 years!

Saguaro Camp Cedarbrook belongs to a national (and Canadian) association of camps that exist for:

  • Introducing campers to Jesus Christ and His word
  • Strengthening self-esteem through skill-building progression
  • Exploring God’s creation
  • Encouraging social growth

Saguaro Camp Cedarbrook

Did you know the daily camp schedule is set up to present spiritual concepts in three interesting and age-appropriate varied settings: time alone with God, cabin group and large group?

Each year, by having children return to their love of marksmanship, archery, fishing or other activities that interest them, they progressively build skills that improve their abilities and increase personal success.

Has your camper told you they don’t get to “hang” for long periods in the cabin?  Cedarbrook believes in getting every child outdoors as much as possible!  Their comfort level and understanding of nature increases at camp because other than sleeping and cleaning the cabin, we venture outside for every activity we can.

There is a reason electronics get the silent treatment at camp!  Emergencies can be handled swiftly and effectively by certified camp nurses and staff, so who needs a cell phone?  (Staff walkie talkies are actually more useful in the pines and need no cell towers.)  The real music of nature and camp singing replaces less positive messages and helps us focus on what life is really about when we are together or alone.  Cabins form the basis of living groups with the opportunity to interact and develop friendships.

The philosophy that God can be honored in every area of our lives has been modeled by carefully screened volunteer staff for over 50 years.  Many organizations, as well as non-profit groups like SCC, have not withstood hard economic times.  We are grateful to God for His blessing on Saguaro Camp Cedarbrook.